Delivery for control room on Land, "Martin Linge" platform .

In 2014 we signed a contract for deliverance of 1 pc. emergency generatorset with 1100kVA, and 1 pc. emergency generatorset with 440 kVA.

They were to use for the new control room on Land for the "Martin Linge" platform.

These were successfully commissioned in 2015/2016.

We also delivered an uninterruptible feedback from dual redundant supplies. In addition to running load tests against web.

From Total E&P Norways homepage:

"Powering the Martin Linge field from shore.

"The Martin Linge field in the North Sea will be supplied with power from the Norwegian onshore grid. Total E&P Norge chose to transmit high voltage AC power over a record breaking 163 kilometres. The benefits are great with regards to regularity, environment and working environment offshore

World record in AC transmission.

At Kollsnes in western Norway a new onshore facility is ready to supply the Martin Linge field with power. Power from the onshore grid, which is mainly hydro power, will be transformed from 300 kV to 100 kV and transmitted to the platform.

"We make this possible trough the worlds longest subsea high voltage AC cable. The 163 kilometre long cable is a technological breakthrough. Such power transmission requires security in the cable design and an onshore sub-station that can provide a stable power supply to the platform, and at the same time ensure no negative impact towards the overlaying onshore grid," explains Kollsnes Package Manager Tore Andre Orvik.

Reduced CO2 emissions.

The power regularity on the platform is expected to be above 98 percent. Other advantages with the power from shore solution are reduced maintenance on rotating equipment, less noise and less vibration on the platform.

"The onshore power supply will improve the working environment for our offshore employees. On the personal level it is also very motivating and meaningful to be part of a development that will reduce local CO2 emissions to a great extent compared to the use of gas turbines," says Orvik.

Calculations demonstrate reduced local CO2 emissions by 200.000 tonnes per year. The figure represents yearly emissions from 180.000 cars

In line with expectations.

Martin Linge will be the first Total operated offshore oil and gas field fully electrified from shore.

"Norwegian authorities expect all operators to evaluate the possibility to develop new oil and gas fields on the Norwegian Continental Shelf with power from shore. For us it turned out to be the best solution, and it is great to be part of a development which is in line with expectations and have so many extra benefits," Orvik concludes."